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Tips On How To Make Use Of A Stun Gun

October 4, 2017
Below are some basics that you have to know to get started:

Familiarize yourself with the stun gun prior to switching it on. Study any details that came with the unit to recognize its functions. Find the ON/OFF button, safety switch, disable pin wrist strap, trigger, and any other features. Practice …

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A Concealed Camera Is Just What I Needed

September 13, 2017
There has been a rash of burglaries in my area and lots of individuals believe these are being committed by somebody who lives amongst us. The reason being individuals who are being robbed shared with everybody they were going out of town. Since the only thing that connects the victims is the locali…

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I Would like to Make Sure I Had The Most Effective Stun Gun On My Person

June 23, 2017
If you are going to have a stun gun, you definitely want to know it is going to work when necessary. I have honestly never used one in the past, but I certainly see how they can be a weapon of personal defense. No one wants to have to use one, but we all need to be protected. Maybe a stun gun is a s…

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Taser Protection Against Undesirable Persons

June 1, 2017
We see increasingly more females obtaining security devices like pepper spray and Tasers. These two items will help defend against an attack by a predator. But, the Taser is a better option because it will completely immobilize somebody until the authorities arrive.

Pepper spray however is risky as a…

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How I Benefit From Finding Police Pepper Spray For Sale

February 20, 2017
I've been able to located police pepper spray available for sale and it helps me stay safe. This is simply not the same as what you'd find at a local gun show or anything like that, it's extremely effective and accurate. It's okay for regular use, but I mostly utilize it only when employed at an off…

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