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SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is an internet and webpage term used to describe how to affect a webpage's visibility on a search engine's search results list. A vast experience in the field of Internet Marketing, frequent adjustment of our work to the most recent Google algorithms updates, our top 10 ranking warranty and worry free SEO Toronto allows us to provide you with affordable prices that yield amazing performance based results.
Every business in a big city such as Toronto (our headquarters) or New York should consider hiring an SEO agency to help because there is a lot SEO of competition in the market and having an SEO agency will make your work easier and your business will rank higher in the google ranks.

We follow a step by step process to improve your SEO results, from an initial assessment and site audit to determine your rankings, to reviewing your competitors keyword and linking strategy, and developing a custom plan to help increase your search engine rankings.
Our Toronto SEO Firm process identifies your competitors and their standings within the search engines and niche, conducts extensive research to define a highly-rewarding SEO strategy, determines any SEO tools needed for your website to maximize results, and reports on your progress each month.

For example, stuffing as many as keywords as you can then getting as many links pointing to your website as you can was the way to do it. However, as Google's ability to punish Black Hat techniques increased steadily (especially after Penguin and Panda algorithm updates), these tactics do NOT work any more.
Our internet marketing and SEO services have built the reputation of increasing visits, leads, and revenue for hundreds of companies from their websites and digital presence—ranging in size from small, local businesses to multinational corporations and franchises.

I don't have the luxury of allowing my reputation by taking on a client that I know I cannot rank in the search engines Of all people, I know all too well the damage that can be done by getting a bad review about my company for providing poor results for a client.Therefore, I am committed to helping you at all cost.
There have been private paid classifieds companies with in-house optimization teams who brag that they are #1 for something like "2381 Raleigh Avenue London Ontario apartments for rent" or some other ridiculous phrase that will never be typed into a search engine, and would never be considered by an SEO expert as a workable query.

Imagine opening a beautiful new store but not telling anybody about it. That is no different to putting together a state-of-art website and then not doing anything to drive online traffic to it. 2Marketing will design and implement a campaign of Internet marketing for Toronto businesses seeking customized, effective solutions.
Our SEO marketing agency constantly monitors changes to search engine algorithms to update our solutions. Grey hat SEO is entirely focused on improving search engine rankings. With close eye on ever changing search engine algorithms, our SEO experts can help your business stay ahead in dynamically evolving SEO industry.

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