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Professional Executive Coaching Across Australia

Coaching is a widely used development tool and performance management technique - it can be used for a number of purposes: one-on-one developmental coaching, team coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. With over 20 years' experience within the corporate environment as well as a business owner, Ros has a diverse range of knowledge covering HR, organisational development through to marketing, large scale recruitment project management and career development.
Motivated by her passion for people, team & organisation development and her deep belief that people are creative, resourceful and full of potential, Cathleen is keen to contribute to the success of her clients through her highly committed, client-centric and whole person devoted (head, heart and behaviour) coaching interventions.

At the very least, the coach needs to be aware of what the executive is talking about and able to discuss it on an intelligent level; in some cases it is essential to have enough understanding of the process to be able to review the results with coachees as well.
We are wary of ‘off-the-shelf' or proprietary one-size-fits-all coaching methodologies with overly complex, pseudo-scientific or highly technical jargon that do not sufficiently align with the organisation's values (Gehman, Trevino, & Garud, 2013 ) or lack the flexibility needed for effective organisational change (Dunford et al., 2013 ). Ideally, in order to make the program truly organic we argue that the organisation should also eventually aim to own the program intellectual property and develop its own accredited internal program facilitators.

Colleen is a successful Human Resources (HR) executive with more than 20 years' experience across a variety of industries where she was responsible for designing and implementing talent, diversity, performance and reward programs linked to both individual and business performance outcomes.
The tricky part about buy-in is that to be successful in software process improvement, executive management, middle management, the development team, and in many cases, customers must all support the initiative, and they all buy in for different reasons.
Aligning with Briner's (2012) criticism of coaching research, the quality of existing coaching evidence is questionable, for instance the rigorousness of the research methodology and outcome evaluations; the appropriateness of sampling strategies ( Athanasopoulou and Dopson, 2018 ; Grover and Furnham, 2016 ). Regarding coaching as an intervention for developing people (either behaviourally or psychologically), fundamental questions concerning the effectiveness of coaching and the factors essential for an effective coaching outcome need to be answered through the scientific research process.

To find a Coach, a good source is either the global ICF web site, or the local chapter site, You will find a variety of Coaches on the local site including Executive, Life and Career Coaches with different levels of experience, targeting different market sectors.
Regarding psychological-focused coaching as a fairly new research domain, most of the studies were published in coaching-focused journals ( Allen, 2016 ). In addition, people who conduct coaching research are often pracademics (i.e. an academic and practitioner) and tend to publish their studies in more practitioner-focused journals.

We do this by having participants self-select into the early stages of the program, as participants who are not genuinely invested in the program can easily derail the workshop and make the experience less impactful and enjoyable for other participants (Phillips & Phillips, 2002 ). We recommend accepting participants in the early stages of the roll-out based on their ability to demonstrate key personal and interpersonal facets such as empathy, trust, insight and openness to change.
The Graduate Certificate of Organisational Coaching and Leadership is jointly offered by Charles Sturt University and the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) , which has trained more than 5000 professionals in organisational coaching internationally.

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