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Pest Inspections

You can almost hear their annoying ants marching along with military-like trails and each individual carrying its own weight and a piece of sweet food! The introduced West Indian Dry-wood Termite (Cryptotermes brevis) is considered to be the world's worst termite pest as it can eat even very small timber objects with few external signs of damage, can quickly take over from native termite species, can survive in quite dry conditions, and is easily transported.
He provided honest and useful advice, competitive quote, professional, on-time and thorough work. With over 85 years experience in Australia, we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise pest control st kilda in controlling a wide range of pests. Despite these differences, the use of professional pest control is always recommended since both rats and mice carry diseases that can infect humans.

Magpies and plovers pose a different risk, swooping and attacking anyone who strays too close to their nests in spring, something you wouldn't want your staff or customers exposed to. A pest control professional will be able to advise you on solutions that aren't harmful to any birds, but will help keep your staff and customers safe, and avoid any failed health audits.
At Dawson's Australia, we are about protecting you, your family and your property from pests. We provide services forĀ all pest types in all suburbs of Melbourne. When moving in to your new house: We'll perform a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that you're housewarming party doesn't have any uninvited pests.
We understand that waiting is definitely not an option when pests come barging into your house and that's why we provide same day service by experts certified by HACCP. We also provide pest control solutions to a number of schools and healthcare facilities , offices , industrial sites , and hotels across Melbourne.

Ensure your imported and exported goods are rid of pests with Rentokil's heat treatment. Dawson's Australia is a leader in providing pest control and protection services to homeowners and businesses. Our homes are very attractive to them, as they provide them with everything they need: food, water and shelter.
Our price for pest control in Melbourne varies according to several factors, but you can follow our stepped pest control quote request process, and receive a personalised quote in under 24-hours. More specifically, where a given infestation is being treated, like ants control, a thorough survey and inspection should be carried out.

Protech Pest Control is a customer-focused organization and is 100% committed to providing you with the best experience possible when it comes to treating your property and making your home or business a safe, clean and pest FREE, place to live and work in.
When you see evidence of grape vine stress it gives us some time to take some corrective action be it the need for more water(irrigation), the soil may be water logged, the nitrogen levels in the vine could be low or some pest is draining the life force from the grape vine trunk.

Poor sub-floor ventilation or air circulation under your home or office creates moisture and humidity which not only promotes growth of fungi, but also provides an ideal environment and conducive conditions for timber pest activity such as Termites and Borers.

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