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Career Help For Ex Offenders

Computer drafting jobs for felons come with many benefits. If you can prove that you have a good work record and have the right people to give you the references you need, you can expect to start out making $8.74 and work your way up to $12.82. Just keep in mind that sometimes theft, violence, and drug offenses can knock you out of a job like this.
One of the jobs is sure to match your style in a way that gives you a fulfilling career of which you can be proud. A few sites that broker employers, Companies hire felons contract jobs, and online talent are , , and All of these companies do not charge freelancers upfront fees for finding them jobs and projects.

Instead of working for just one employer, they have many clients who pay them depending on the work that they do. Examples of some freelance or independent contractor jobs for ex felons are would be Photographers, Graphic Designers and Computer Technician.
The felony conviction(s) that shows up on a background check report is dependent on how far back the employers chooses to go. However, state laws give individual limitations on how far back employees can go on their background checks - whether for convicted or not.

New Jersey-based consultant Eric Mayo says a long list of top American companies have proved themselves open to hiring ex-offenders, mostly for service jobs, ranging from minimum-wage employers from McDonald's to CNBC parent Comcast and, in Mayo's Atlantic City backyard, casinos, which he said are practically cities unto themselves, demanding an array of service workers.
Walmart is the world's biggest private employer, with some 2,200,000 employees — some of whom are former felons, according to While Walmart won't hire felons who are convicted sex offenders or who have been convicted for violent crimes or theft, they do offer some felons opportunities.
A bachelor's degree in a manufacturing discipline, such as Mechanical Engineering will help you land this position, but is not necessarily required for all jobs — what's more important is management experience and technical expertise when it comes to the company's equipment and logistics; some technical certifications may also be required.

For African-American ex-felons the employment rate was decreased by 4.7 to 5.3% while for those without high school diplomas it was decreased by 6.1 to 6.9%. This represented a loss of goods and services that reduced the gross domestic product (GDP) for the U.S. by $57 to $65 billion in 2008.
The Re-entry Employment Service Program (RESP) serves Illinoisans who are currently, or have in the past been, subject to any stage of the criminal justice process and who require assistance in overcoming barriers to employment resulting from a record of arrest or conviction.

So a company that might have offered jobs to felons in the past may not do so anymore. A bill wending through the Legislature for the third time in four years would give Rivera, and people like him, a chance to clear some of the hurdles that have tripped them up as they search for jobs and new lives after prison.
He wants a job but most don't hire felons. Lately, companies are getting more involved in running a background check for new employees. For starters places like list all the services that you can use, and is a pretty large felon to job matchmaking places online.

This is often a dilemma for ex-offenders and felons job searching. They will do a background check before they offer you the job but at least you get a chance to interview. These and other factors influence employers' decision whether to consider applicants with a felony charge.

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