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Buying Real Estate Property In Spain

If you are considering buying property in a certain country, then choosing real estate solicitors from a good Law firm should be the first thing that you must consider. While it may be tempting for a landlord to keep a prepaid first month's rent, last month's rent and security deposit in the event a tenant either cannot move or feels unsafe doing so, this may open landlords up to liability and legal claims are sure to ensue.
Real estate in Spain offers a vast array of lifestyle properties for all budgets: Spanish apartments , condominiums, semi-detached villas, detached blog de derecho inmobiliario villas, countryside (Finca) properties, oceanfront property, sprawling palatial mansions, building plots and commercial real estate opportunities.

A combination of technical property expertise, local market knowledge, industry insight and global experience is needed to fully fulfill the clients needs in the real estate market, as well as the ability to take a centrally managed, cross-practice approach to helping clients maximize the value of their portfolios.
The taxation of capital gains from the alienation of shares in real estate companies has recently drawn the attention of tax practitioners, due to article 9 of the Multilateral Instrument (which refers to the preceding natural year to assess whether the company should be characterized as a real estate company).

The contract may be accompanied by an inventory of items belonging to the property and will need to be checked by the tenant and either the owner or the real estate agent to ensure the items are all correctly mentioned on the inventory prior to being signed.
It has been reported in the news recently that certain unscrupulous agents have agreed and signed rental contracts with property owners for an agreed amount of rental income for a minimum period of time, and then rented the properties on to tenants with a big rent increase.

Our lawyers also work mainly in the area of in civil law and civil liability, although we also advise in other areas of law, such as family law, inheritance and all aspects related with real state law (purchases, real estate donations, rentals, taxes related to real estate, commercial law and other).
Acting for a law firm that was dealing with a worldwide estate where the deceased was an English national who died intestate while living in Spain and issuing the necessary certificate of law that allowed the client to administer both estates in a very complicated cross-border estate.

To provide their clients with information about their rights & duties as consumers as well as the specific regulation that relates to the properties they are selling in relation to planning, technical issues, taxation, environmental, energy certificate or any other imposed by the authority.

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