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Black Thorn

GEORGE TOWN: A durian shop at Jalan Macalister, which went viral on social media for selling three durians for almost RM1,000 (RM937), was slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying confusing price tags which were not written in Bahasa Malaysia. Many stalls declare that they sell Durian of the year 2012 - Black Thorn that have escalated the price of durian per kg to RM 40-RM 50. With this breed, many customer fears that they might be taken a ride on the durian seller as durian King is one of the limited provider that sells this breed, that is available in both of their branch in Bukit Bintang and also TTDI.
With its bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste, D13 is a delicious sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavours. It can be foreseen durian ioi that the price of Black Thorn will reduce to that of Mao Shan Wang when more farms are growing it, leading to an increased supply of it.

Another version of the story posits that the tips of the durian's thorns are dark brown or black.” I've noted before that culture appears to influence how we perceive colors , but I don't think that really excuses the clear lack of blackness on these durian thorns.
Riding on the hype of the Shah Alam Durian Cendol, the Durian King has their own twist to their version with that gorgeous Black Thorn on top of it. I must say the star of the whole bowl is definitely still the durian while the cendol still needs some tweaks to it. Since they have just started, I am sure after some modification, this bowl of cendol would be the best dessert on a hot day.

On my visit, these included a Lipan (known as Centipede, too) from a 60-year-old tree, florally perfumed and fondant-silky; a gourd-shaped Hor Lor, an iconic Penang variety, with cacao and muscovado notes and an umami back-taste; and an Ang Hae (red prawn), redolent of chardonnay and cantaloupe.
Despite having approximately 200 breeds of durians in Malaysia, each breed is brimmed with exquisite flavour and aroma. But don't discount it as it is still a very good durian with thick and creamy flesh and pungent flavour. Originating in Penang, this Durian variety attracts people who like a slightly drier consistency when it comes to Durian flesh.
Black Thorn, runner up in 2011 and was awarded Durian Champion in 2012. A durian tree requires four to five years to start fruiting, but it is only in the sixth to seventh year that it starts to produce quality harvest. He also said that FAMA would visit China next month to promote Malaysian fruits especially durians.

We indulged in Chilled Black Thorn, Musang King and XO ~ Super delicious King Of the Durians together with my family and fellow foodies bloggers that night. The Black Thorn (background) and Musang King (foreground) at the durian stall in SS2. This particular durian cultivar originates from Penang and another interesting quality that distinguishes it besides the flat bottom is the presence of a longkang (drain) like Teka durians , except this looks more…er, anatomical in nature.
The Black Thorn durian is roundish in shape and it looks like a sign of a star at the bottom of the fruit. Leow first discovered Black Thorn at a friend's farm and took cuttings from the tree. For a durian-tasting fit for a king, check out 99 Old Tree's unique SukaWa Durian Omakase for an experience unlike any other.

I tell all this to the group as I line up three more durians for them to taste. The taste is in between of Musang King and XO durian variety. He planted kampung durians and only started planting D24 and 101 durians later on. Two of the top variants, the Musang King & Black Thorn Durians are in town.
The flesh is dry, sticky and sweet bitter to taste. Woon says he was not surprised by the amount, as due to popular demand the price of Black Thorns has shot up in the past two months to between RM85 and RM120 per kg, depending on where they are sourced from.

Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. The D24 Sultan used to be the most popular cultivar before it was dethroned by the Musang King. I love all durians and am not fussy about variety.

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